Anger can be our best friend. We can use it as a guide to building a better society. As an indication of when we must change course. Anger can have real value to us when we know how to use it constructively.

Anger can also be our worst enemy. It can destroy our whole lives. It can take our family, friends, job, and even our freedom. Anger can be the reason we feel lost and alone. The course of so much of our suffering. 

Anger management, stress reduction, anxiety, and depression help. Buddhism is a wonderful philosophy that offers so much to guide in overcoming and building a life we love.

It is my goal to help everyone learn to overcome destructive emotions. I will never ask that you stop being angry. All I want is for you to learn to stop being punished for your anger.

"You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."

Disclaimer: I can not give you a magic formula to fix your anger overnight. No one can do that. It takes serious work and effort on your part. You must take the time to self-search to discover the beliefs or ideas that are the root of your anger. Once you find them, and it could take years to find, you must systematically challenge them. Hold them, learn about them, understand them. As you move through this process you will find that they no longer work for you. These destructive beliefs have caused you pain, heartache, and misery. You are now ready to replace them with healthy beliefs. That is where I or someone like me can come in. I can show you ways of thinking or ideas that will bring you enlightenment and hope. With hope and help, anger can slowly be replaced with compassion. So first you must do the hard work yourself and then we can work together to overcome destructive anger.
Thanks, Matthew Plotner