Change Yourself Change The World

So many of us want to go out and change the world. We want to have a positive impact on things. We think that we need to leave a giant mark. This is only done with a grand gesture that touches thousands or tens of thousands of people.

There is another way. One that is simpler but can still have a huge impact on the world. Change yourself. Seek each day to be better than you were yesterday. Work to be the best version of you that you can be. Than work harder to get even better.

I know I have been guilty of this idea. For years I felt defeated and disheartened because I felt I was not having as big an impact on the world as I would have liked. It hit me one day like a ton of bricks. All I can do is work to change me and that will change the world.

The world starts with us, at least our world does. So we can really change the world with this simple act of self improvement. Focous on self and the rest of the world around us will see this and just may strive to follow suit. They might also seek to be better themselves.

Now the whole world has changed and all we did was seek to be a better us.

So go now, work to be a better you. Go and change the world

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